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Setting Up Your POP or IMAP Email Address with Apple Mail

Mar 27, Yes, I am familiar with that process, it's a workaround, NOT a solution. That means I basically have to guess to see if there's any urgent emails from clients, and keep taking the account offline and back on to check for new mail There is nothing wrong with the setup. How many accounts do you have? Something new I have noticed with Mavericks Mail is that I often get a "too many simultaneous connections" error. So, can you try something for me? Configure all of your accounts correctly.

See if that works. Then, go through each account and do the same thing. Disable all the others, including the one you just tested, and check each one by one. It woubl probably be a good idea to quit Mail between each attempt.

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If my theory is correct, each account should work fine individually. But if GoDaddy is rejecting too many connections from a single machine, that could be the cause.

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I don't know why it says 'offline' in the Accounts panel. I file the emails into folders on my Mac, and as soon as I click on another message, they reappear in the inbox. This article is specific to Business Email. Windows Software Speciality level out of ten: Is there any resolution in site?

I have 4 or 5 I think. Whenever you disable one then reenable it, all mail works for a while. At the moment I seem to be getting mail - though it's intermittent still. Could be a GoDaddy issue, but regardless, it used to work prior to the last update to Maverick.

Mar 27, 1: I don't think so. I think Mavericks does something different.

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I have the same problem sometimes. I also don't think it is any particular GoDaddy accounts. I think it is just that those two important accounts get checked last and all of the other accounts are still tying up network connections. I think if those were the only two accounts, it might work better. Or, at least, it could prove or disprove my theory. Mar 31, 8: Well I'm glad I'm not alone on this.

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There is something that has changed on the Apple side that has created this problem. I'm not saying its broke I'm just saying that they changed something that has broken the reliable communication between GoDaddy and this Mail client. I'm in the same boat. I need this to work. I have two other IMAP accounts from another provider that work great. They basically said they are not supporting Apple Mail any longer and that I should change mail clients or switch providers. Can you believe that? Apr 2, 3: Thunderbird is easy to install and it works perfectly. Personally I prefer Mac Mail and will return to it when it's fixed, but until they do, Thunderbird is the a good alternative.

Also, it's not just GoDaddy email that's affected. Mail currently doesn't work with ANY of my email accounts, including Charter. Apr 2, 4: Just installed Thunderbird today and so far so good.

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I like it however like you said, once Mail works again I'll go back. Apr 3, I have a similar inbox delay with my Godaddy account that started after upgrading to Mavericks. I don't have any trouble sending, only receiving.

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I have several Gmail accounts in Mail and they are working fine. May 25, 5: Hi, I too have this same issue on my two most important business email addresses. It was confirmed that if you have over 25k emails on godaddy they will stop popping to your devices. Ddi you move off of godaddy email? May 25, 6: GoDaddy's email service is, in my experience, frankly terrible.

Their spam filtering is somewhat heavy handed and acrchaic which is a good enough reason to move by itself. If I were you I would ditch it and move to a more modern system as soon as you can. If you must keep GoDaddy email then use a Google mail account or something to retreive from GoDaddy first. Communities Contact Support. Set up email This article is specific to Business Email. Open Apple Mail. Your next step depends on if you have already set up an email account, or not. If you have already set up an email account , click the Mail menu, and select Add Account If you haven't set up an account , skip to the next step.

Set up e-mail account in Apple Mac Mail

Select Other Mail Account , and click Continue. Complete the following fields: Field What to do Full Name Enter the name you want to display to others as the email sender. Email Address Enter your Business Email address.

Password Enter your Business Email password. Click Sign In. You may get a screen with the message Unable to verify account name or password.

Find your server address, here. Select the apps your want to use with this Business Email account. You must at least check Mail. Click Done. Next step Send yourself a test email to make sure you can send and receive mail in Apple Mail. More info You can also set up your Business Email on your phone: Set up email Android: