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What does Gold Dust Woman mean?

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tax-marusa.com/order/sawuhexax/espionner-sms-windows-phone-gratuit.php Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? Slant critic Barry Walsh described the song as finding Nicks "at her folky not flaky best with one of her most poignant character studies".

"Rhiannon" Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Live 1976 (Lyrics)

When asked about the song in an interview with Courtney Love for Spin in October , Nicks confirmed that "gold dust" was a metaphor for cocaine. In an interview for VH1 's Classic Album series , Nicks offered further insight into the song's meaning:.

Gold Dust Woman Lyrics

A cover version by American alternative rock band Hole was released on Geffen Records in as their ninth CD single. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Future plc.

Gold Dust Woman Lyrics

Retrieved March 20, Slant Magazine. Spin Magazine. October Retrieved May 8, — via fleetwoodmac-uk. Or if she is a groupie, she is looking up to other rock star women who have led this lifestyle who have been in her shoes. Rulers make bad lovers You better put your kingdom up for sale Up for sale -When she feels a lover is controlling her emotions, she knows they are no good for her.

She knows she shouldn't be involved with certain people and they need to put their "kingdown up for sale" and move on. In fact, it is a very haunting, beautiful song. The shadow of a dragon reference may refer to drugs and the black widow may refer to herself This is just my two cents! Love this song. General Comment Actually Stevie said in an interview in the 70's that this song was about female groupies. I don't remember the direct quote, but it was about the girls who would hang around for the guys in the band and give Stevie and Christine dirty loooks.

I would have never thought of groupies until I read that quote.

Gold Dust Woman lyrics - Fleetwood Mac

JamiesCrying One of the many reasons I love Stevie Nicks is that she never wrote disparaging songs about other women. You may think that's a low bar, but it happens all the time. Her songs about other women tended to be more anthemic and empowering. The one exception might be this song Why else the "rock on? General Comment Drugs She has lovers who pick her as prey but they never stay Stevie always had a deep if not dark spiritual undertone to her music..

Gold Dust Woman

Nicks collaborator and Eighties synth-rock also-ran Sandy Stewart penned the harmony-soaked tune, and the demo was the first song Nicks presented to the band for Tango in the Night. Explanation guidelines: Describe what artist is trying to say in a certain line, whether it's personal feelings, strong statement or something else. John Stewart 3, 4. Share your meaning with community, make it interesting and valuable. She'd play those game of love, she made a little bit a lot of fun She started messin' your head up, you're playin' with a loaded gun This woman is dangerous She'll break your heart and keep you runnin' back for more. Rock on, gold dust woman Take your silver spoon and dig your grave Heartless challenge Pick your path and I'll pray Wake up in the morning See your sunrise loves to go down Lousy lovers pick their prey But they never cry out loud, cry out Well, did she make you cry, Make you break down, Shatter your illusions of love? Slacker bounded imitated tabloid headlined with the post Shimmy cross the centerfold, and a dead time engulfed Giving crumbs for the better souls with seven deadly sins To hear the plane to crystal conscious To results a low life counting on one hand what he's accomplished Ok, lift me to activism chain activate street sweep Plug in deteriorating zenith pen dragging I hack swords wars for the morbid spreading of mad men Now he's got soul Sitting there licking log cabin in Charlie Chaplin waddle I could zig zag and zig 'em again for the bad dreams Sparking my brick wall windows another thicket storm And if one night in Gotham without the wretched Houston we have a problem Dispatch a task of infested patch of city goblins Who split how many freaks with box cuts of a high road bellow Heads ripped!

Sounds like 'Babylon the Great' getting ready to get crushed since she couldn't sell her kingdom. She dug her own grave using the golden spoon she made off her lovers by her own heartless bloodshed. Shes ancient and sits on many waters.

Gold Dust Woman

Gold Dust Woman Lyrics: Rock on, gold dust woman / Take your silver spoon, dig your grave Fleetwood Mac Shatter your illusions of love. Lyrics to "Gold Dust Woman" song by Fleetwood Mac: Rock on, gold dust woman Take See your sunrise loves to go down Shatter your illusions of love?.

She rides on back of the beast mentioned in Revelation who was given authority by the dragon, Symbolic oriental astrology makes her a dragon by year beginning Year of dragon she gets thrown off, devestated, naked and humiliated. I could be wrong but it seems to fit if you under stand the prophecy.

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Flag Tladyblue on June 19, General Comment To me, it has, and always will be about fleeing a destructive relationship with a partner who is power-hungry, a control freak "Rulers make bad lovers". When she says "you better put your kingdom up for sale", she's no longer giving her partner the illusion of control through a domineering, one-sided relationship. So his chasm of control, the relationship, where he gets his kicks, is basically void now that she's gone, and he has to put it up for sale, i.

When you buy it, you realise you've been duped.

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Your partner is a fake, a phoney. Then after it's, "Do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home? General Comment This is a very dark, but incredible song sung by Stevie Nicks!