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How to find and replace in word 2007 mac

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I need to change all of them to normal size and with brackets around each consecutive number. Any ideas how I can do this for a large document? When I just typed 0C I got both characters in superscript. Then I tried with braces.

Worked well. Thanks again!

You should really use the degree symbol, not a superscripted zero, for degrees. I have hundreds of superscript characters not footnote markers that have a space before them and punctuation after it.

Thanks, Peter. However, the path from Markdown to rich text or. This can then be exported as. In either case, you wind up with an editable word-processing document with everything or nearly everything intact.

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While TextEdit is a stop gap for a lot of routine purposes, Pages continues to evolve. Apple stuffed more than one would expect in minor releases in Pages 5. We can only hope that Pages 5. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever.

TextEdit evolved from the original NextStep Edit program. TextEdit has a huge array of file export options. Web page.

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Search and you shall re-find Many choices Apple made in creating Pages 5 have left users and this writer baffled, but none more so than the removal of advanced search and replace options.