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Transfer/Backup Galaxy S4 Messages(SMS & MMS) to Computer

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Samsung Kies is also available for Windows 8. You can download the version compatible with your Windows 8 computer at Samsung Official site for Kies download and Kies 3 Download. Windows 8 requires the Media Feature Pack by Microsoft. This pack includes Windows Media Player and the required software. See system requirements here:.

You can get the latest version of Kies from Samsung's site here. Yes No I need help Well here the meaning of that;. The MTP can be used when transferring files such as video, musics, and images in your gallery. However the PTP is used to transfer photos which is directly captured from your phone or device.

You can replace it eventually by going to any Samsung store and buy a cable that is compatible for your device. Yes No I need help Yes, depending on the cable you are using it can have a bad affect on the ability to make transfers on your device.

When you are in fact using a chord dedicated to only charging the computer will not detect your device. Yes No I need help. If your file is not supported, you can convert your unsupported file to a supported one by downloading and installing file converters on your computer.

How to change the USB connection options on my Samsung Galaxy S4

MX Player supports all of the popular video formats. Before converting your file, try to use MX Player and see if the application reads it.

This way, you won't go through the hassles of transferring and converting files. However, there are still some formats that the said device can't support. You can try downloading from the Play store the application called MX player.

Method 2. Diagnose Mac

This application supports almost all of the common formats of audio and video. If you don't want to it, then you can try to convert it in your computer and transfer it to your phone. If your computer cannot find the right drivers from your phone, download and install Samsung USB Driver to your computer. Once installation is complete, connect your phone to your computer and your computer should find the right drivers for your phone.

You can also download Kies and follow the instructions on How to Transfer Files from Galaxy S4 with Samsung Kies earlier in this article for more detailed tips. I want to trim this and rotate. See more questions like this: I have an S4 that I dropped and the screen was damaged. I got a new S6 but with the screen being damaged I can't pull up the Smart Switch app. Yet on the other computer in the household, I'm assuming with WiFi, it took all the songs off the phone and will let me burn them onto a disc.

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that case you can use Android file transfer.. this will allow you to connect through USB and you can easily exchange files b/w your S4 to mac. I'm not sure if all the following are supported on the Galaxy S4, depending in The menu item says something like USB computer connection.

I tried the Kies air and it only goes so far and then stalls. I have over songs on my phone. I need to get these songs on both computers so I have double the backup Was this helpful? Yes No I need help Instead of burning it straight from the phone memory, transfer the files to your computer first and then burn the files from your computer onto a CD. As part of copyright protection, some music files are restricted from being shared wirelessly so copying them through a USB cable would be a feasible option.

Once all music files are copied from your phone to your PC, then you can now proceed with the burning your files to the CD for backup purposes. You can download the program here. I have deleted them from S Now I cannot find the files on the computer.

How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

Any chance I can recover lost data? It looked like I copied the pictures from S4 to the computer. Yes you can recover it, but in order to do that, you will need a software called Dr. Phone for Android installed in your computer. After downloading installed it and run the software, and connect your phone via USB cable.

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Yes No I need help On your device you need to enable debugging mode, to do it follow instructions bellow. Now if you still get an error on the software about debugging try to disable it and restart your device. Ten just follow instruction on the software, click OK to scan your device data. Sometimes it may take long but wait patiently. Once its done scanning you can now then see the files that are deleted, you will just to select the files you wish to be recovered to your phone and your done.

File transfer from Samsung S4 to PC. You will need to turn on the USB connection on your S4.

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You will see it on the notification bar once you plug it in. It will look like this:. This can be due to the driver problem of your device connected to the PC. Once your device is connected look at your phone and you will see some options on how does the phone connects to the PC.

Simply choose the USB device storage or something similar. The, it will install a driver in your computer. Now, once installed download the application Kies and install it in the computer. Run the Kies software and look for the troubleshoot device driver to let the Kies update your device driver in your computer. Once the update has finished, restart your computer. Then try to connect it again and you can fully manage your files in your computer using the Samsung Kies Software.

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Yes No I need help Kies won't see my phone. Will not connect? When I plug my phone in, Kies doesn't recognize my phone. Which model Samsung phone do you have? If you have a higher end smartphone, like the Note3 or one that has the updated 4. Yes No I need help Download Kies.

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It could also be a case of the USB drivers not installing correctly. If you have an older Kies version, I would suggest upgrading to Kies 3. You might go through errors during the setup process, but just continue to allow the drivers to install. This has worked on my Note2 while it was still on 4. Sometimes it's the little things we miss.

Yes, the best way to this is through your PC. They are fairly inexpensive and can be picked up at any online retailer, like Amazon or Rakuten. Here's one you can check out: Was this helpful? You basically just copy the contents of the 32GB card to your PC using the reader and then transfer them back onto the 64GB using the same reader.

During the Kies 3 installation process, did the drivers install correctly and recognize the S4 device at any time?

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You may need to uninstall and reinstall Kies to fix this. You can also try using a different USB cable or connecting to a different USB port on your computer to see if there's any damage to either components.