Emptying trash on mac slow

How to empty trash on a Mac

It did not work for me. I put them in the trash with the circle no symbol on them and there they sit ever since. I have tried everything here and several other places to no avail. Refuse to erase my hard drive and reinstall-have enough trouble with it right now with the trash. Oh and the items that are in the trash are OS necessary items. Have slightly different problem File will move to trash apparently. It can them disappear when trash is emptied…. But the same file or folder will then come back to the place where I deleted it. Overall — cannot get rid of the file.

Tried restarting and delete immediately but still have this file coming up in my trash when hard drive is plugged in. I am deleting email off my iMac, the computer is very slow, I thought the trash can was full, I was going to empty it, to my surprise there was nothing in the trash, where are all my deleted items going, they are back ing up somewhere, the computer is almost at a stand still, terribly slow. Has anyone else had this problem, and how can I fix it.

Please help. I tried everything and even though the file names were common without any unusual characters I renamed them and poof the trash emptied. Thanks a bunch. When did the artwork change on the trashcan? In OsX On Mavericks the trash gets emptied but the icon still shows items filling the wastebasket… full, not the oldstyle really empty trash, where you can see the baskets wires on the otherside.

None of these methods work. These files have a special undocumented?

Quick Tip: Trash taking a long time to empty? - CNET

Sierra thinks they are in use. Does anyone have suggestions? I have the same issue as Tom Feb 11, except my app was Time Machine.

Part 2. How to Empty Trash via Terminal

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Mac Slow to Empty Trash?

Subscribe to our RSS feed. Follow our Twitter. Advertise with us. But today, for those using El Capitan or Sierra or even something higher, these steps below prove to be more efficient and effective if you intend to force empty Trash using Terminal on Mac:. Step 1: Go to Applications or use spotlight to search and launch Terminal. Step 2: Insert sudo rm —R and ensure you add a space afterwards you should not hit the Enter button at this point.

Step 3: Click the Trash icon in the dock, pick all the item you want emptied from Trash. Then Drag the file and folder to the Terminal window you opened before. Step 5: Insert your administrator password.

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The password will not be shown being typed into the Terminal. The good news is that whether you have accidentally emptied your Trash or deleted them intentionally and need them back again, there are third-party means to recover all your lost files to their original state before deletion. With its user-friendly interface and powerful data recovery modes, AnyRecover is the best bet in getting back your wiped files.

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You are able to scan and recover deleted files from every storage medium; internal and external hard drives. We are sure you will find this useful. For other types of duplicate files, use a special application Duplicate File Finder , which will help you to find and remove duplicate files in less than 5 minutes. Duplicate File Finder allows you to scan any folders and drives and find all duplicate files, including videos, music, pictures, documents, archives and other duplicate files.

How to Empty the Trash When Files Are Locked

Even when I have dropped only one picture into the trash icon, and then empty it, the popup box asks if I am sure and, after clicking continue. Dragging files onto the Trash icon in the Dock doesn't remove deleted files from the system. Just like with a regular trash can, you need to 'empty' it for the.

The application finds even Similar folders and can merge them so that you can easily organize your files and folders. Get Duplicate Finder. A simply rebooting of the system can help to free up the disk space cluttered by temporary items and cache folders.

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It will also clean the virtual memory and sleep image files. This will not just create more space on your Mac but will help speed it up. Memory Cleaner can work in the background and clear inactive RAM when the memory is filled up. The application is absolutely free and you can download it from our site. Well, that seems to be all.

How to Secure Empty Trash on Mac: Let It Flow Automatically!

So, using these tips you can delete up to 20 GB of data not really needed on the computer. Just note that you can clean up your Mac manually, but this may take too much time. Also, you can use professional tools, which will help you to save time and do a quick efficient cleanup of your hard drive.

Mac Tip: Empty Trash vs Secure Empty Trash

Mac Startup Disk is Full? Check Trash. Delete downloads.

Clear cache. Remove logs. Remove Languages. Delete iPhone backups. Delete Mail downloads. Uninstall unused apps. Remove remains. Use external drives.

Use cloud services. Delete screensavers.

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Remove duplicates. Restart your Mac. Clear RAM memory. MacCleaner Pro. How to Clean up Mac Startup Disk. Check Your Trash It may sound elementary, but we frequently delete files and forget to empty the Trash. Delete Downloads How many times have you downloaded files from web browsers, messengers, torrents, mail? Clear Cache A cache file is a temporary data file created by apps, browsers and many other programs to help your Mac run faster.