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How to make a bootable macOS installer on an external drive

Though About. I had a copy of the Lion installer, […]. Spot on, many thanks.

Formatting Your USB Stick

I just wanted to confirm that this works perfectly with Mountain Lion too. I was having problems trying to restore the DMG directly, and mounting it first and restoring the contained disc image is what I had to do. I only have one Mac Macbook Pro. I purchased Lion with my brothers Apple ID. He forgot his password to his ID and any forms of recovering it and my macbook is stuck on the Recovery boot screen.

Is there any possible way to do this on a windows computer but for a Mac boot? But each time I reboot holding down the Option key, the USB 32 gig flash drive fails to be listed in the available drives.

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Then the regular hard drive options appear. Thanks for your reply. Yes, the drive is formatted just as it should be.

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Step 3: Now open a Finder window and locate your DMG file. Drag and drop it Part 2: How to Burn DMG to USB (Bootable) via DMG Editor on Mac. UUByte. It will take a few minutes depending on size and speed of USB drive, but once done you can pop it into your mac, hold down the option.

One partition, GUID. Question: Is there a way to run a complete Desktop Version of Lion Rather than simply running the Lion Installer? It is very likely that your usb cannot be used as a bootable unit.

I suggest trying a different usb drive. Worked like a charm. I was needing to do a clean install.

Turning Your USB Stick into a Windows Installer

The upgrade made things horribly slow, and no amount of maintenance would correct it. Anyone have any idea whats wrong????? Hi just one quick question does this method saves me from having to access the internet to download Lion after booting from the USB? So I would like and option to install the Lion entirely from a USB without having to access the internet at all.!!!!

Dudes, how i erase the partition of the mac os x lion installer of my flash usb? I have a Mac Air gifted by son. I am almost a dummy, with only very limited proficiency in mac. Son upgraded the OS to Lion free as it was allowed. It is running OK. This blows. I will keep plugging away.

Burn DMG file in Windows to bootable macOS DVD disc

I was wondering if this can work if you have the Mountain Lion Can you reinstall Lion if your system has Mountain Lion Guys i got a problem, my mac sistem frozed, it wont start. Anyone knows if there is a way to make one bootable usb for mac in windows? So what would it take to get you to put that Tech support there suggested I find someone like you who has Men, and later how i erase the partition? If you open App Store and click Updates, you can update your Lion installer to version 1. It replaces your copy if you allowed it to self-erase at installation.

But using the InstallESD. That is cool.


Yeah, I just stumbled on that too… If you go into the App Store and click on Updates you can update your Lion installer to version 1. Using the InstallESD. That is cool! This procedure needs to be updated for Lion OS Additionally, Disk Utility This took me a while to notice, and it was right in front of my face.

Updating your USB stick to I find that an 8GB stick works best, and will allow for file size growth which may be inevitable in future OS updates. Hope this helps! Great that is what I was looking for!! I also created a partition in my hard drive and used your method to create a restore point thank you. Also if i included back up DVDs when i sell one will the buyer be able to restore again without using a apple id or password? I have taken the same USB stick that worked earlier and is working on tests with other computer and hold option when launching to get choice of start up disk at launch….

How to make a bootable Lion install disc or drive

Thumb drive is clean, readable, etc. Question is…. Should I wipe drive completely first…. Thank you very much for this explanation! I really had no clue how to do it and this is very clear. My wife has a Macbook pro with a Leopard That is to say, not a clean install…. I hope this is not mentioned already. Thanks a bunch! Instructions for that can be found here.

Once you are done getting the installer on your media of choice, run the installer just like […]. Hey I was a dumb dumb, and bought the usb key knowing of ability to clone dvd snow leopard , and wanting a fresh install thought I was smart. Also Lion usb actually reads as a dvd. I have both downloaded and installed Lion and it is up and running but I cannot find the quoted file nor do I see a file in the download folder suggesting a.

If you follow these instructions you will be able to download the updated Not one has booted. Hold down the power button until the computer shuts off…etc. Hi all… We developed a standred application project. Thanks in advance zeedenmark. So, short of making sure you only have a disk breakdown when in range of a fast Internet connection, you might still want to make your own installer stick. Is there a way to resume from where I left off or I have start all over again!

I think this is the absolute worst way to distribute a software of 3. Another option would be to find a copy of "InstallESD. This will not require an Internet […]. I have made my lion sd card but when I boot it it says lion cannot be installed please try an reinstall.

Just an endless loop.

How to Create Bootable USB Installer for Mac OSX on Windows 10?

Or will you only be able to perform A clean install with this? Yes if all you want is a Recovery Disk, but this method shows you how to create an installer USB drive, which allows you to perform a fresh OS X Lion installation without accessing the internet. Also without doing a clean install,.

Backup your songs and pictures beforehand, of course. As others have stated you MUST exit the installer after the app downloads. Simply go to the upper left menu and QUIT it. Also, for those still questioning it…. Be advised however that this is not a choice when running the installer. Now ….. Note that this will not be possible if you buy Lion from the App Store — when you click to buy it immediately starts downloaded if you already have an App Store account with a designated credit card.

When the download is finished, hours later!