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How to use Continuity Camera on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Outlining the text edges eliminates "jagginess" even when the text is enlarged, enhancing the overall quality of the text in the PDF.

You can set a password for a PDF file. If a PDF file is encrypted with a password, you cannot open, print, or change the PDF file without entering the correct password. If you want to restrict access, it is recommended that you set a password before sending.

By storing the specified send settings as the default settings, you can recall the settings without specifying the settings again. For details, see "Changing the Default Settings for Send. If you are using Windows, you can login to the computer using a local account without a password set. However, the following issues may arise:. The above issues related to accounts with no specified password arise because authentication was not performed at the time the folder on the network was accessed.

From a security perspective, and to avoid the above issues, login using an account with a password.

How to scan a document with Continuity Camera

When a computer that one or more users log on to is restricted by the system administrator in an Active Directory environment, follow the procedure below to register the name of the computer. Open the user account properties dialog box.

Enter a name for the destination. You can specify a desired name. Select [Windows SMB].

How to add a photo with Continuity Camera How to scan a document with Continuity Camera How to add a photo with Continuity Camera In order to use Continuity Camera, you need to be working with an editable document. Open your document or project in an app like Pages, Keynote, or TextEdit.

HP Printers - How to Scan (Mac)

Hover over Import from iPhone or iPad. Take a photo using your chosen iPhone or iPad. Tap Use Photo. Your photo will now appear in your document where you clicked.

Continuity Camera Prerequisites

Scan the document using your iPhone or iPad. You decide which one by picking the device up and using it. Repeat to scan multiple documents. Tap Save.

Your documents will be inserted into the document on your Mac. A pop-up menu will appear. Select Take Photo. IDG 4. IDG 5.

How to Use Scan To Computer

Shoot your picture. IDG 6. In your document, place the cursor at the point where you want the scan to be placed.

Select Scan Documents. IDG 7. IDG 8. IDG Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.